Codeine Trip…


    Alright my friends. I took my first codeine pill about thirteen minutes ago. I don’t feel crazy yet… maybe …. actually….I can’t feel my knee anymore….so i think the crazy is on its way to my brain. Oh! so…let me explain

 Basically after my awful break up, I thought “Hey! I’m more attractive than you now! So what would happen if i got SUPER FIT LIKE SUPERWOMAN, and paraded myself in front of you.” ….I feel like that might have come out like sexist or something….I can’t tell. ANYWAY so I signed up for that eight AM step class and its a worrrrkout. I also signed up for three days a week of ballet classes and I ran a mile everyday. Well LET ME TELL YA! I’m in shape…but….my knee finally blew out on me…not like literally..but i tore/pulled/strained something and it hurts like h e double hockey sticks. It’s also a Bakers cyst or something. So like…the loverly Dr. prescribed me codiene……for the next ten days.

     Alright. Thats about it. I’m going to San Antonio this weekend for the TMEA convention to see Jordy in All State and what not. I go every year. Its great. I love San Antonino and I love Valentine’s day and its alway’s valentines day weekend. Or like…as close as possible. So I’m going to be walking around the riverwalk. so my knees going to hurt. So I’m going to be on codeine.  So my mom is going to want to murder me…. it’s going to be great.

   Blast. I was really hoping this whole drugs thing would be cooler than this. Maybe it gets better…..I want coffee….. I’ll be back after coffee and some homework.


Ok…..I still haven’t gone to get that coffe…..however….In my head is a loop mix thing of the songs “dream street” “with or without you” and “that one that goes…i don’t care who you are…where you’re from…” that one…. ok….coffee…then homework


Ok I think I feel it. But I really just feel reeeeeally sleepy. My knee still hurts though so I probably didn’t take enough. I just got my coffee…and I still haven’t started my homework.

BUT I did work on the site. Basically you just have to select different catagories and it’ll sort itself out.
On everthing- click your name. no matter what topic it is
On blog posts (daily entries with no real main idea)- click “*Your name*’s Posts” AND “Blog Posts”
On rants (entries that are solely about one topic…ie…mine about boys)- click”*Your name*’s Rants”

and voila 🙂 everything goes right where it should be 🙂

When you look at the actual site, hover over the About Us tab, your mascots show up. If you click on your mascot it pulls up your About You page, if you hover over your mascot you’ll see “*Your Mascot*’s Posts” if you click that it shows you every post you’ve ever posted. The “Individual Blogs” house just your daily entries, and the “General Rants” house all of your subject focused “rant” posts.  “All Blog Posts” houses ALL of our posts as a group. It’s like going back to the home page.

I sware this isn’t confusing….



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